Could the Anti Smoking Law in England Take Bingo Enthusiasts Online?

Much has been stated in the papers not long ago about the bingo industry singing the blues because of the smoking ban in England. Things have become so poor that in Scotland the Bingo industry has requested big tax breaks to assist in keeping the industry from going bankrupt. But does the online variation of this classic game offer a lifeline, or will it in no way compare to its real life peer?

Bingo has been an established game generally enjoyed by the "blue rinse" generation. In any case the game lately had seen a recent resurgence in appeal with younger members of society opting to visit the bingo halls in place of the clubs on a Friday night. All this is about to change with the enacting of the cigarette ban throughout UK.

No more will enthusiasts be able to smoke whilst marking off their numbers. Beginning in the summer of 2007 all public areas will not be permitted to allow smoking in their buildings and this includes Bingo parlors, which are possibly the most common areas where many people like to puff on cigarettes.

The effects of the anti smoking law can already be seen in Scotland where smoking is already not permitted in the bingo halls. Profits have plummeted and the industry is literally struggling for its life. But where did the players go? Certainly they have not forgotten this familiar game?

The answer is online. Gamblers are now realizing that they can participate in bingo using their computer whilst enjoying a drink and smoke and still have a chance at big cash rewards. This is a recent anomaly and has timed itself bordering on perfect with the anti cigarette law.

Of course gambling on on the internet could never replace the collective portion of going over to the bingo hall, but for a group of men and women the governing edicts have left many bingo players with little option.

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